Mayor Swearengin:  Passage of Fiscal Sustainability Policy Is ‘Critical Step’ in Helping City Address Budget Challenges

FRESNO – Mayor Ashley Swearengin today praised the Fresno City Council for passing the Fiscal Sustainability Policy, which details a comprehensive series of actions required to meet both short-term cash flow challenges and address long-term structural budget issues.

“The Fiscal Sustainability Policy provides a clear direction to return the City to fiscal health over the next 10 years, and Council’s approval is a critical step that recognizes the severe financial challenges we’re facing and the difficult, yet necessary steps we need to take to address them.

“This Policy recognizes that our employees and labor organizations must be a part of any long-term fiscal solution. Simply put, we cannot pay our bills and operate in a sustainable manner without cooperation from our employee bargaining groups, and we’re committed to working with those groups in good faith.”