New Fresno Police Department Team to Focus On Reducing Commercial, Residential Burglary Rate

FRESNO – Mayor Ashley Swearengin today said the Fresno Police Department has implemented a Career Burglar Apprehension Team (CBAT) to focus on reducing the commercial and residential burglary rate in Fresno.

The effort is similar to the Career Criminal Auto Theft Team (CCATT) started by the Police Department last year. Through the efforts of CCAT, which focused on the top 10 percent of auto thieves in the City, auto theft rates are down 32 percent this year.

“Through CCATT, the Fresno Police Department has shown that it can make a big difference in reducing property crime despite the jail overcrowding and early releasing of inmates,” Mayor Swearengin said. “But we still have more work to do. By using a focused, dedicated team to focus on career burglars, our goal is to have the same impact on burglary that CCATT has had on auto theft.”

“Burglaries of our homes and businesses result in increased insurance premiums and millions of dollars in damage and lost property,” Chief Jerry Dyer said. “More importantly, they fuel an underground drug economy, and erode our personal sense of safety and security. It’s critical that we target career criminals to bring our burglary rates down.

CBAT’s goal is to reduce the commercial and residential burglary rate by identifying, locating, arresting, and prosecuting career criminals committing burglaries and burglary related crimes. The team will surveil and track known career burglars and conduct long- term investigations designed to reveal the entirety of their criminal enterprise.

CBAT will utilize multiple media platforms to expose career burglars to the community, while providing crime prevention tips and crime trends in specific neighborhoods. Community attention on the burglary problem is expected to generate citizen tips about suspicious persons and locations, providing detectives with better intelligence about on-going criminal activity.