City of Fresno:  CCSPCA Will Continue to Provide Full Animal Control Services Beyond Oct. 1
FRESNO – City Manager Mark Scott today said the Central California Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (CCSPCA) will continue to provide full animal control services for the City beyond Oct. 1 while the two sides continue to discuss a constructive transition of the services. CCSPCA had previously notified the City that it would discontinue those services on Oct. 1.

”CCSPCA has expressed a willingness to keep working with the City on a six-month extension to its contract beyond Oct. 1 and to work out transition steps that may exceed that, subject to terms and conditions that we are still negotiating,” Scott said. “CCSPCA has assured us they will continue to provide services so we can formalize the extension.”

Scott said the City had a second productive meeting with CCSPCA officials this week. Another meeting to continue discussions on the extension will be held next week.

Scott also said the City will be inclusive in working with all stakeholders to develop a long-term solution to the animal control issue.