Graduation Set for Fresno Best Job Readiness Program At Edison
Edison High School, in partnership with the City of Fresno PARCS Department is preparing to graduate a 5th cohort of students for the school year. The graduation will be held in the Library of the Edison High School campus on Friday, March 23 at 3:30 p.m. Parents, guardians, teachers, stakeholders and mentors will be invited by the graduating students.

The program began at Edison High School in 2009 and has since completed 16 cohorts of students averaging about 15 students per cohort. The program does not offer any school credit for completion. Students who join do so without any incentive besides the promise that they will be better prepared in their employment search post-graduation from the program. This is a program that hundreds of students have taken advantage of in search of economic self-sufficiency in their near future.

The program consists of eight weeks of job preparation material. The initial two weeks are lecture based and cover the application, interview, and job etiquette process. The following two weeks, the students utilize a computer to complete a professional portfolio which consists of their resume, a cover letter, a sample application, a five-year plan, and personalized business cards. The cohort graduates after four weeks and is then offered an optional four week internship with the City of Fresno PARCS department. The optional internship gives the students the opportunity to put into practice their recently acquired knowledge about the workforce.

The Fresno BEST Job Readiness program is a unique partnership run through the City of Fresno PARCS department and administrated through Edison High School. For more information regarding the BEST program or partnership please contact Ellie Honardoost, 559-457-2742.

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