Fresno City Council Adopts New District Map

The Fresno City Council's ‘district redetermination procedures’ are automatically initiated after the publication of each federal census, as required by the City of Fresno’s Charter and Municipal Code. The Council District boundaries are proposed by City Administration, are developed using the Census’ population, and are based on the following criteria:

1) conform to State and Federal Law,
2) maintain the Districts’ populations as nearly equal as may be,
3) reflect census tract lines, streets, highways, railroad rights of way, waterways, or other natural or artificial barriers,
4) promote contiguity and compactness, and
5) as reasonably possible, locate “communities of interest” within the same district.

The City Council adopted these new boundaries on August 25, 2011 and they become effective on September 25, 2011. Click the image below to view the updated City Council District Map.