City Helps Homeowners Cut Utility Costs

As the hot summer months approach and electricity rates continue to climb, hundreds of Fresno residents have already taken steps to cut the cost of cooling their homes. They have taken advantage of a free home energy use survey from the City of Fresno that identifies leaky air conditioning ducts and other common problems that tax their home cooling system and drain their wallets of cash.

The home energy assessments are offered free of charge through the City’s Sustainability Division. Trained technicians, using the latest high tech tools, conduct a full evaluation of a home’s cooling and heating systems and provide the owner with a complete report on their findings. The report includes thermal images of trouble spots along with detailed recommendations for correcting problems and making the home more energy-efficient overall.

“In many cases there are simple ways to save hundreds, even thousands, of dollars a year in energy costs,” said Joseph Oldham, City of Fresno Sustainability Program Manager. “But, it’s not always easy to spot the problem with an untrained eye. Our professional technicians know where to look and are eager to help the residents of our city save money and reduce energy waste.”

The City’s program is funded through a federal Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant, which is designed to help communities become less dependent on fossil fuels. Reducing energy consumption in the home not only helps residents save money, it also reduces energy demand across the entire system, creating a more sustainable future.

Fresno residents can sign up for a free home energy survey by calling 621-8059.