City Remains Vigilant as New Storms Arrive

City of Fresno staff continue to actively monitor current storm conditions in our area and respond to reports of storm drain blockages, fallen trees and other hazards. The National Weather Service forecast calls for rain through Friday with occasional gusty winds. No significant flooding has occurred as a result of recent storms and City crews have kept pace with weather-related issues that have arisen. The public is encouraged to call 621-CITY (2489) to report any hazards they observe.

“Our storm drain system is keeping up with the run-off from the current storm activity,” said Patrick Wiemiller, Director of Public Works. “The public has been very helpful in notifying us of blocked drains and other issues, which allows us to respond quickly and prevents bigger problems from developing.”

Residents and businesses are also being reminded to switch sprinkler timers and landscape irrigation systems to the “rain mode” or turn them off until the storms have completely passed. Taking this step will conserve water and reduce the amount of additional runoff flowing into storm drains. Cleaning out rain gutters and checking downspouts is another way to protect homes and businesses from potential flooding.

The recent storm activity has also led to numerous power outages in the City. Pacific Gas and Electric is advising customers to be prepared by keeping flashlights and non-perishable food on hand. Power outages may also affect traffic signals. Drivers should treat non-functioning signals or signals flashing red as “all-way” stops and proceed with extreme caution through affected intersections. The public may report non-functioning or flashing traffic signals by calling 621-CITY (2489)


Note to editors: The City of Fresno has not activated its sand-bag facility but is monitoring storm and potential flood conditions closely. Should activation become necessary, the media will be notified immediately.