Mayor Swearengin: Additional Measure C Funds Will Allow All City Street Lights to Stay On

Mayor Ashley Swearengin today announced that an unexpected increase in Measure C funds received by the City of Fresno will allow the City to keep all 40,000 of its street lights operating in the next fiscal year.

Mayor Swearengin said the City has received about $353,000 more in Measure C funds than anticipated for the current fiscal year. The additional funding, which will be carried over into the City’s fiscal year 2011budget, resulted from a slight increase in sales tax receipts in Fresno County in May.

Measure C, funded through a half-cent sales tax in Fresno County, must be used for transportation- and/or street-related projects. As a result, Mayor Swearengin said she is recommending to City Council that $200,000 of the additional funding be used to keep all of the City’s street lights on and the remaining $153,000 for pothole repair throughout the City.

The funding will allow the Public Works Department to retain three employees to work on pothole repair efforts throughout the City.

“This is great news for the City of Fresno,” Mayor Swearengin said. “This additional funding will allow us to keep all our streetlights on at full power this next year, which is good news for our community.”

“It also will help us save three jobs in the Public Works Department and allow us to carry out 18 percent more pothole repair work next year than we had anticipated.”

The City’s proposed fiscal year 2011 budget called for 10,000 street lights to be de-energized, which would have resulted in savings of $200,000.

In making its revenue projections for the 2011 budget now being considered by the City Council, Mayor Swearengin said the City used actual data for the first eight months of the fiscal year and then projected them out for remaining four months. However, Mayor Swearengin said actual sales tax receipts for the month of May in Fresno County was slightly higher than projected.

“Those receipts were a half percent higher in May of this year compared to May of last year,” Mayor Swearengin said. “That’s the first time we’ve seen an increase in some time.”

City Council is expected to vote on the proposed fiscal year 2011 budget on Thursday, June 24.

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