City Announces Business Licensing Compliance Effort

Unlicensed businesses operating in the City of Fresno are being encouraged to come into compliance with local filing requirements over the next three months or face potentially steep penalties. In an effort to reduce revenue losses caused by unpaid taxes, the City has announced a Business License Amnesty Program through June 30 to promote voluntary registration.

All businesses and professionals providing independent services within the City of Fresno (with a few limited exceptions) are required by law to maintain a valid business license. Those who operate without registering with the City are subject to a “failure to file” penalty equal to 20% of a business’ past due taxes for the previous quarterly reporting period. During the City’s amnesty period, “failure to file” penalties will be waived for businesses that bring their licensing up to date. The amnesty does not apply to back taxes or interest due charges.

Applications are available at Fresno City Hall in the Business License Section, located on the 1st floor. Applications can also be obtained online at Additional information about City of Fresno Business Licensing requirements is available by calling 559-621-6880 or by email at