City of Fresno Officials Announce Availability of Roeding Park/Chaffee Zoo Environmental Impact Report

City of Fresno officials today announced that the Draft Environmental Impact Report for adoption and implementation of the Roeding Regional Park Facility Master Plan and the Fresno Chaffee Zoo Facility Master Plan is available for public comment.

The Master Plans contain comprehensive, coordinated proposals designed to extensively renovate Roeding Park and Rotary Playland/Rotary Storyland, and to renovate and expand the Fresno Chaffee Zoo. The documents are available on the city’s website at

“The publishing of this Draft Environmental Impact Report demonstrates the good things that can happen when the public and private sectors work together in a collaborative partnership,” City Manager Mark Scott said. “This document represents years of hard work by many people who have put into play the vision of this community. We feel good about that vision and protecting Roeding Park, our crown jewel, as well as the Fresno Chaffee Zoo and Rotary Playland and Storyland.”

The 148-acre Roeding Regional Park consists of three components: the portion devoted to active and passive recreations areas and the City’s PARCS maintenance yard (currently at 123 acres), the Fresno Chaffee Zoo (18 acres) and the Rotary Storyland and Playland facilities (seven acres).

The planned expansion of the zoo by 21 acres and Storyland and Playland by two acres would reduce the amount of land for active and passive recreation uses to 100 acres. Those acres would include public recreation/open space (76 acres), parking (nine), multiple-purpose paths (six), public access roads (five), a non-public access road (two) and a new PARCS maintenance facility (two).

The Fresno Chaffee Zoo’s 21-acre expansion would bring the zoo’s total acreage to 39. Those acres would include exhibits including habitat (20 acres), landscaping/open space (10), multiple-purpose paths (five), buildings (three), and non-public access roads (one).

The total area for Rotary Playland and Storyland would expand from seven to nine acres.

The implementation of the proposed project will require two discretionary approvals:
1. Approval of a Conditional Use Permit for the uses proposed in the Fresno Chaffee Zoo Facility Master Plan and the Roeding Regional Park Facility Master Plan, and
2. Approval of a Conditional Use Permit for a proposed storm drainage facility on 3.7 acres of vacant land on the south side of Belmont Avenue between Tielman Avenue and Pacific Avenue.

The comment period for the EIR runs through Nov. 24.