Fresno Expands Public Outreach With Launch of City YouTube Channel

Fresno City Hall is expanding its use of social media to keep the public informed about local issues and to share its stories with others around the globe. The City has created a dedicated Internet video channel on YouTube and has produced more than a dozen informational segments on a range of topics including homelessness, volunteerism, business licensing, emergency preparedness and downtown revitalization.

The channel is managed by the City of Fresno Communications Department. It is one of many social media tools the department uses to communicate directly with the public each day. The City is also a very active user of Facebook and Twitter. Users can find the City’s YouTube channel by visiting

“We’re always looking for ways to get more people engaged with the issues in our community,” said Randy Reed, Director of Communications. “Our YouTube channel lets us share information directly with the public and allows them to access it whenever it’s convenient for them.”

To provide the channel with a constant stream of new content, the Communications Department created Fresno CityVision, a 10-minute video program focusing on City services, programs and initiatives. The department has produced 20 CityVision episodes so far. In addition, the channel provides access to past news conferences, public service announcements and other City-produced content.

“In the past, the public had to rely on traditional media outlets, like newspapers and radio stations, for information about their city,” Reed said. “Today, people expect to be able to get information instantly and on-demand. Our goal is to communicate with our citizens in the way that works best for them.”