Fishing Temporarily Suspended at Woodward Park

Fishing has been temporarily suspended at Woodward Park after reports that an individual introduced a substance into the water to stun or kill fish and then collected them, apparently for food. While it’s unlikely the substance is harmful to people, the City is taking appropriate precautions while water samples are tested.

“The reports indicate that someone wanted to catch a lot of fish - without a lot of effort,” said Jerry Haynes, Assistant PARCS Director. “Not only is this illegal, but it is also going to, unfortunately, deprive the rest of the community of a great recreational option this weekend,” he said.

While the Woodward Park fishing ponds are closed, public fishing is still available at the Fresno Regional Sports Complex. The California Department of Fish and Game stocks the City’s fishing ponds on a regular basis with hundreds of pounds of trout. State fishing rules apply to use of the City’s fishing ponds - licenses are required for anyone ages 16 & over with a daily limit of 5 fish per person.