City Introduces Monthly Utility Billing for Residents

City of Fresno utility customers will soon begin receiving utility bills on a monthly basis, thanks to a modernization of the City’s billing system which will improve efficiency and enhance customer service. The new process replaces the City’s every-other-month billing practice that has been in effect for many years.

During the transition, delivery of some bi-monthly statements was briefly delayed during July. Those statements will begin arriving this week. Depending on billing cycles, all customers will receive their first new monthly statement from the City between August 12 and September 25.

With the introduction of monthly billing, the City will discontinue the practice of mailing separate delinquent notices to customers who fall behind on payments. Instead, the new bill will highlight past due amounts along with a reminder that immediate payment is required to avoid a potential disruption in service.

To help prepare customers for the City’s new billing format and procedures, an informational guide will be mailed along with each new monthly statement. A copy of the guide is also available on the City of Fresno website at For additional information, customers can call the City of Fresno Utilities Billing & Collection Division at 621-6888.