City Helps Small Business Owners Save Energy & Money

Fresno small business owners learned today that they can receive energy efficient lighting and upgrades free of charge through the Fresno Energy Watch program. Mayor Ashley Swearengin joined representatives from the City’s “Sustainable Fresno” team to share details of the program, which is already helping many small Fresno businesses reduce their energy consumption and increase their bottom line.

Fresno Energy Watch provides small business customers a way to save energy through the direct installation of energy efficient measures at no cost to qualified PG&E customers within the City of Fresno.

The program is a partnership between the City of Fresno, Pacific Gas & Electric and Richard Heath and Associates, Inc., which provides the assessments and installations.

Sang SoLee—owner of Family Fashions, a family owned business on the Fulton Mall—was amazed at how much the lighting retrofit improved the presentation of clothing and shoes inside his store. The upgrade is anticipated to save Solee $2,500 each year. Fresno Energy Watch has identified more than 1,000 businesses in the downtown area and on Fulton Mall that are eligible and in need of the make-over.

“The Energy Makeover Program is a way for small businesses to help both their bottom line and help the environment,” Mayor Swearengin said. “The City of Fresno is a leader in development and implementation of new and innovative programs to save energy, save money, protect the environment and improve the local economy -- all at the same time!

The program has received much praise from the San Joaquin Valley Clean Energy Organization, “This project demonstrates how small businesses can save energy and money during these tough economic times,” said Paul Johnson, Executive Director, “and I want to congratulate the City of Fresno & PG&E for their efforts.”

Fresno Energy Watch will continue to target small- to medium-sized PG&E customers in the City of Fresno. Reducing energy consumption not only allows small businesses to focus their revenue on growth but it also reduces energy demand across the entire system, creating a more sustainable future for Fresno.

Fresno small business owners should call 621-8059 to get started on their energy savings.