City of Fresno Exceeds Recycling Goals

The City of Fresno Department of Public Utilities is proud to report continued success toward achieving ambitious recycling goals. Previously named as the “#1 recycling city in the nation”, Fresno remains a top performer. The City is currently achieving an impressive 74% landfill diversion rate and is closing in on its goal of reaching 75% diversion by 2012. These percentages represent how much garbage is diverted out of the local landfills and into a variety of recycling programs.

The success of the recycling program can be credited to both an active and committed community as well as a previous City Council action. In June of 2007, the Council adopted a bold resolution committing the City to the aggressive goal of a 75% waste diversion rate by 2012 and a zero waste goal by 2025. With a commitment of resources from the Mayor and Council, and the help of a recycling minded community, the City is on track to reach its goals. Fresno achieved a 71% diversion rate in 2006 - two years ahead of schedule - beating its projected goal that year by 5%. In 2009, the City achieved a 74% diversion rate, which is well beyond its 70% goal. Results for the current year 2010 are not yet available, but the city remains on an impressive pace and continues to be a leader in recycling.

“I commend all those in our community who are contributing to our recycling success and have made Fresno a national leader,” said Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearingen. “I am also proud of the ongoing commitment by our solid waste team to meet and exceed our City’s recycling and landfill diversion goals.”

Next month, Mayor Swearengin will unveil the winners of the City’s 2010 Mayor’s Recycling Awards at a ceremony at City Hall. The awards recognize commercial businesses that actively support recycling in the workplace.

For additional information about the City’s recycling programs, please call 621-1111 or visit .