Park Entry Fees Held at $3 through Holiday Weekend;  annual passes offered

The City of Fresno will defer a scheduled increase in fees for vehicles entering Woodward Park, Roeding Park and the Regional Sports Complex until July 6, allowing families to save a few dollars over the long Independence Day weekend. The vehicle entry fee will remain at $3 through Monday.

In April, the City Council approved a new master fee schedule, which included an increase in the vehicle entry fee to $5. The updated fee will go into effect on Tuesday, July 6. There is no charge for patrons who bike or walk into the park.

Park users also have the option to purchase an annual pass at $30 for Fresno residents or $50 for non-residents, which provides unlimited access to Roeding, Woodward and the Regional Sports Complex during normal park hours. Passes expire on a revolving year basis, meaning patrons will enjoy a full twelve months of park access from any date of purchase. Passes can be purchased online at or at the ACE Parking office at 2125 Kern Street.

Other changes to City of Fresno PARCS fees, effective July 1, include:
• Roeding Park picnic table reservations are now $15 for full day use, per table, in any shelter. Woodward Park picnic tables are $30 each for the six main shelters and $12 each for the Gazebo shelter;

• Rental of skate & bike parks now range from $35 to $50 per hour depending on the facility;

• Annual dog license fees have increased from $4 to $12 per year for altered (spayed/neutered) dogs and from $39 to $50 per year for unaltered dogs. Dog licenses are required for all dogs four months and older in the City of Fresno and owners must show proof of rabies vaccination and alteration.