City Plans to Repair and Restore Granite Park Sports Complex

Mayor Ashley Swearengin outlined the City’s strategy to repair and reuse the Granite Park sports complex and proposed beginning negotiations with a credible and experienced national firm to operate the facility. Under the city’s plan, the Granite Park facilities could open in time for the spring 2011 sports season.

Mayor Swearengin said the City’s proposal, which will be presented to Fresno City Council for action at its Oct. 21 meeting, calls for the city to begin negotiations with Big League Dreams of Chino, California, a nationwide firm that manages municipal sports and recreation complexes, on a long-term management and profit-sharing agreement. Because of Big League Dreams’ specialization and unique qualifications, the proposal asks Council to waive competitive procurement processes to allow the negotiations to begin as soon as possible.

“Our comprehensive proposal will turn the Granite Park sports complex into the family-friendly environment that is has always been intended to be,” Mayor Swearengin said.

“But this is more than just about providing recreational opportunities. We’re seeing businesses making investments at Granite Park based on having the sports complex up and running. Our plan to get athletes and their families to come back to Granite Park will have a positive impact on those businesses.”

Mayor Swearengin said the city recently has been awarded a $778,000 insurance settlement that will provide the funds to rehabilitate the Granite Park facility. Granite Park is one of a limited number of projects that qualify for use of the insurance settlement funds.

The Granite Park sports complex has been closed and unmaintained for about 18 months and is in a significantly deteriorated condition because of a lack of maintenance, vandalism and theft. Since November 11, 2009, property loss at the complex due to theft and vandalism is estimated at $163,000.

The proposal asks Council to approve an emergency resolution to waive competitive procurement requirements to allow for immediate work to address the blight and public safety concerns at the complex. If the procurement process is not waived, the project may be delayed six to nine months.

The proposal calls for Fortune Ratliff, the original contractor, to perform repair and restoration of the facilities as soon as possible. The work will include the repair and restoration of the three existing baseball fields as well as the existing concession building and common areas. As the original contractor, Fortune Ratliff has certain access rights to the plans that will allow them to respond quickly and perform the required work.

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