Mayor Swearengin Issues Statement on Arizona Immigration Law

Mayor Ashley Swearengin today issued the following statement regarding the Arizona immigration law:

"It’s unfortunate that the federal government’s inaction on this issue has produced the current situation. Arizona’s actions are born from frustration over the federal government’s refusal to address this issue. The federal government must step in to strengthen the border, enforce its laws that already exist, and straighten out its broken immigration system.

“While tempers are flaring on both sides of this issue, it’s important to remember that this law has no practical impact on the City of Fresno and our residents. In California, immigration enforcement is not a local law enforcement responsibility. The Fresno Police Department focuses on preventing and suppressing crime regardless of a person’s status.

“Our officers on the streets maintain a healthy respect for the constitutional freedoms of our citizens, and while they are very effective in keeping our streets safe, they are also mindful of the 4th Amendment’s protections that are fundamental in a free society.”