City of Fresno Highlights Valley Decorating Company Recognized Through PrimeTime for Business Series

Valley Decorating will be recognized by the Fresno City Council on Thursday as its latest “PrimeTime for Business” selection. Valley Decorating is a locally owned company which, despite being a hidden gem in the downtown community, has become the life of the party across the United States.

Each month, the City’s Department of Downtown and Community Revitalization invites selected local companies to appear before the City Council to share background on their business.

Valley Decorating was founded in 1946 by Matt Offen as a manufacturer of fun-oriented products. The company found success by transforming light plastic film into décor used at special events all over the world. Valley Decorating has introduced items such as “Crinkle” Curtains used for television games shows, confetti, streamers, party fringe and more.

Having first developed the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Pom Pack, Valley Decorating now supplies cheerleader pompoms to teams across the U.S. including those in the NFL, NBA and PAC 10 colleges. This Fresno gem has also found its way to New York City where the company supplies 800 pounds of confetti, 30,000 pompoms and 8,000 feet of streamers for the Times Square Celebration on New Years Eve.

Valley Decorating is an example of the various “PrimeTime” businesses that are showcased in front of the Fresno City Council each month. “The goal of PrimeTime for Business is to show our city and community some of the unique, innovative and industry-leading local business that call Fresno home,” said Craig Scharton, Director of the city’s Downtown and Community Revitalization Department.