City of Fresno Surpasses 500 Twitter Followers

More than 500 Twitter users are now “following” the City of Fresno on the fast-growing social networking platform. The City reached the milestone after just over a month of use. The City uses its Twitter feed to update the public daily on local issues, road closures, special events and other information.

“Twitter is an important part of the City’s public outreach effort, so I’m excited to see so many citizens linking up with us in this way,” said Randy Reed, Director of Communications. “I hope that more people will take advantage of technology like this to stay connected to City Hall.”

The City began actively using Twitter in early July and has posted information on the activation of Cooling Centers, updates on Met Museum negotiations, and the closure of the H Street homeless encampments, to name a few. In addition, the City has responded directly to other Twitter users who have reported issues such as water waste and burned out streetlights.

“We’ve really just scratched the surface of how we can use Twitter and other tools like it to enhance the service we provide to our community,” Reed said. “This is the next generation of communication, so it’s important that learn how to harness it effectively to serve our community better.”

Twitter is a free service which allows users send and receive short, 140-character messages via a cell phone, PDA, or online interface. Each user determines the organizations or individuals they wish to “follow,” which provides them access to messages sent through Twitter.