Mayor Swearengin Praises Council for Passing Small Business Preference Ordinance

Mayor Ashley Swearengin today applauded Fresno City Council for passing her proposal to provide local small businesses with additional contract opportunities related to city purchasing.

Mayor Swearengin proposed the ordinance to support local small businesses as part of her priority issues in her first 100 days in office.

“The best way to create and retain jobs in Fresno is to focus on supporting the businesses that are already here,” Mayor Swearengin said. “Small businesses are the backbone of our city’s economy, and this ordinance will provide a level playing field for our local small businesses as they compete for contract opportunities with the City.”

“I applaud City Council for recognizing the importance of this ordinance and taking this essential step to help our local small businesses.”

The ordinance will add a small business element to the city’s existing local business preference, furthering the city’s efforts to have tax dollars stay local and benefit local small firms.

Under the ordinance, local small businesses will receive a preference of up to 5 percent in procurement of City materials, supplies and/or equipment for bids of up to $500,000.

Mayor Swearengin also thanked Ken Nerland, director of the city’s General Services Administration, and Jason MacDonald, the city’s purchasing manager, for their efforts on reaching out to small business stakeholders to receive input on the ordinance.