DCR Director Announces Sheridan to Stay at CVBI

Downtown and Community Revitalization (DCR) Department Director Craig Scharton today announced that Travis Sheridan, who had been scheduled to serve as local business initiatives manger in the department, has decided to remain as director of member services at the Central Valley Business Incubator.

“Travis is a talented person who has helped numerous local businesses on a variety of topics through his work with the Central Valley Business Incubator,” Scharton said. “He has decided to remain there to continue the important work that he is doing. We look forward to working with the Incubator and our other partners as we focus on the things that will produce the best results for our community.”

The City is continuing its search for a local business initiatives manager for the restructured department. DCR will more sharply focus the City’s economic development efforts on strengthening the local economy through revitalizing downtown, improving neighborhoods and supporting locally-owned businesses.

Contact: Michael Lukens, Press Secretary 559-907-1144