Fresno Named Top in the Nation for Recycling

The City of Fresno, Department of Public Utilities (DPU), Solid Waste Division was named as the Nation’s leader in recycling by the “Men’s Health Magazine” recycling survey. The survey which ranked 100 cities in the United States gave Fresno the #1 ranking for its Residential Recycling Program. The study, based on community participation also rated cities for reuse of recycled materials, convenience and quality of the program.

This #1 National ranking comes following Fresno being ranked the highest in the state among larger cities by the California Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB) for diverting 71% of their waste out of the landfill and into the City’s recycling programs.

Council President Sterling noted that she was proud to be on the Council when they adopted a resolution in June of 2007 committing the City to the goal of 75% Waste Diversion Rate by 2012 and a “Zero Waste” goal by 2025. “This national recognition and impressive results are a testament to how much our City cares about the environment and our commitment to being good stewards for the next generation”, said Ms. Sterling.

The City of Fresno is thrilled with the status of being ranked #1 and believes it an honor to be considered the “National Champions” of recycling. “Being a role model and best practices city inspires the Solid Waste Division to continue efforts toward the future goal of Zero Waste,” said Rene Ramirez, DPU Director.

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