Rail Quiet Zone in Downtown Fresno Will Silence Train Horns

A Quiet Zone Project is now underway downtown to silence train horns along the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad corridor from Ventura Street to Olive Avenue. The project has been in development since 2006 and is on track to be completed ahead of schedule in the spring of 2010.

The accelerated schedule is being made possible through generous assistance from Fresno Community Regional Medical Center for $245,000 and an interest free loan of $600,000 made to the City of Fresno. These funds have allowed the City to expedite construction on the $1.2 million project.

The City of Fresno Public Works department is providing design, management, and construction services including the installation of 6 foot wrought iron fencing at the Mariposa crossing behind Fresno City Hall, sidewalk re-alignment, and median island installation. In September, Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad will install cantilever lights and reposition crossing arms and gates. The work being done is mandated by Federal Railroad Administration and the California Public Utilities Commission to improve the safety of the railroad crossings.

Upon completion the City will be able to designate the residential and commercial neighborhoods from Ventura Street to Olive Avenue as Fresno’s first Railroad Quiet Zone. These areas will soon have relief from the continuous blowing of train horns along the corridor. An average of 42 trains pass through this area each day.

Other areas of Fresno are being considered for future Quiet Zone projects within the City of Fresno.