‘Prime Time for Business’ Initiative to Feature Local Success Stories at City Council Meetings

The City of Fresno is inviting locally-owned businesses to share their stories of success with City Council and the public as it launches “Prime Time for Business” on March 31.

The initiative offers businesses the opportunity to give a 10-minute presentation during each Fresno City Council meeting, showcasing their products and services, as well as their reasons for choosing Fresno for their base of operation. The effort is a collaboration among the Mayor’s office, City Council and Department of Downtown and Community Revitalization.

“These locally-owned and locally-headquartered businesses are the real strength of our local economy,” said Mayor Ashley Swearengin. “I believe their stability and their growth potential represent the best opportunity to build Fresno’s economy going forward.”

City Council President Cynthia Sterling added, “There are many great businesses in Fresno that deserve recognition for bringing profits into our community from all over the state, nation and the world. We want to share these businesses’ stories with the City’s leadership and the community at large.”

As part of regular Council meetings, the “Prime Time for Business” presentations will be broadcast live on The Fresno Channel (cable 96) and on the Internet. Participating businesses will also receive a commemorative certificate from the City of Fresno.

To qualify, businesses must be locally owned and have a business license registered with the City of Fresno, among other criteria. The initiative’s goal is to allow local businesses to showcase their success and bring attention to the local businesses that currently thrive in the City’s very own backyard.

“We continue to discover incredible stories about businesses that are somewhat unknown by the larger community,” said Amy Huerta, local business initiatives manager for the Department of Downtown and Community Revitalization. “We want to whole city to know about these entrepreneurs and to support their efforts to grow and to create jobs.”

Businesses interested in participating should contact Huerta by phone at (559) 621-8362 or by e-mail at amy.huerta@fresno.gov.