Fresno Parking Violation Fees to Increase to Comply with State Law

Fees for parking citations in the City of Fresno will increase by $3 to comply with a state law requiring the fee hikes to help finance new construction and renovation of court facilities throughout the state.
The $3 increase, which will impact 59 separate parking violations in the city, resulted from SB 1407, passed by the state Legislature last year. The legislation provides $5 billion in lease-revenue bonds to finance the court construction and renovation projects.

The fee increase will affect such violations as overtime parking at metered spots; overtime parking in 24-minute, one-hour and two-hour parking zones; use of the street for storage of vehicles; parking in fire lanes; and parking in a number of restricted zones such as intersections, crosswalks, bike lanes, and sidewalks.

The City currently pays $1.50 per citation to the courthouse construction fund; the increase will take the surcharge to $4.50 per parking citation.

The City also pays four other surcharges to the state per citations, amounting to $8 per citation.

City officials expect implementation of the parking violation fee increase to begin in approximately 10 days.

More information on the City of Fresno’s parking services is available on the City’s Web site by clicking here.

Contact: Michael Lukens – Press Secretary 559-647-7741