City Debuts Online Mapping Tool Offering Interactive Views of Fresno

The City of Fresno introduced a new interactive mapping tool on its website today, providing continuously updated property and land use information to residents, business interests, community organizations, and public agencies.

The tool allows users to obtain detailed property information, map the location of nearby facilities such as parks, schools and fire stations, and even view aerial photos dating back to 1992. Points of interest, including historical places, golf courses, museums, and libraries can also be quickly located. Users have the ability to zoom and pan the maps at any time and to add or subtract layers of data such as zoning designations, zip codes and policing districts.

One of the most impressive features of the mapping tool is a “Plan Status” function. This feature allows users to check the current status of projects under review by the City’s Planning and Development Department. Streamlining the movement of projects through the City’s development process is the goal of Mayor Ashley Swearengin’s Permit Improvement and Process Enhancement Strategy (PIPES) initiative.

“This new online mapping tool is a great resource for residents, business owners and our development community, alike,” Mayor Swearengin said. “I applaud the staff in our Planning department and Information Services department for using their entrepreneurial and technical talents to provide the public and our development community with fast and easy access to so much useful information.”

The interactive mapping system is available online to the public 24-hour a day and seven days a week. “I believe the public will be impressed with the capabilities this tool provides,” said Carolyn Hogg, Director of Information Services. “I’m very pleased that we have been able to make this powerful online technology available to our community.”

The City’s interactive mapping tool is available at