Notice of Proposed Single Family Residential Metered Water Rates in Mailboxes Today

More than 114,000 notices regarding proposed residential metered water rates were sent to all property owners who currently receive water services from the City of Fresno today. The mailing includes details about the new water meter rate structure and also includes a water conservation page which provides several tips on conserving water. The idea is to prepare residents for their conversion to meters which includes free services from the City’s Water Conservation Division, including leak detection surveys and drought tolerant landscape information.

The notice is a requirement of Proposition 218, the California state law that determines the process for notifying customers of proposed changes in public utility rates. The notice outlines the metered rate plan for Fresno’s residential customers. The rates are designed to be revenue neutral, meaning that the proposed metered rates will generate approximately the same total annual revenue to the City as the current flat rate. For decades, offices and commercial businesses, schools, parks and apartment complexes have all paid a metered water rate.

The proposed individual water rates include a “ready-to-serve” charge and a “volumetric” rate. The ready-to-serve charge includes the set cost to have the water lines and meter in place, ready to supply water to the residence. The new rate also includes a volumetric rate which means the customer will be billed for the amount of water that they use. Since Fresno’s residential water customers are accustomed to flat rate billing, the notice also includes information on how individual customers may control their water usage through a variety of conservation methods.

The notice also announces a public hearing on November 5th where customers can learn more about the proposed metered rate. The hearing, which is scheduled for 5 p.m. at Fresno City Hall, will also provide the public with an opportunity to address the City Council.

The Proposition 218 Notice is the next step in the City’s four-year transition to metered water rates, which requires all residential customers be served by water meters by 2013. The City is on track to complete the metering program by the deadline.

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