City of Fresno Joins County and Others to Conduct Homeless Count

On Wednesday, volunteers will fan out across Fresno County to conduct a bi-annual “Point in Time Street Count and Survey” of homeless families and individuals. The survey will provide local government officials with a clearer picture of the number of homeless persons living within the county, and the conditions they face.

By counting individuals who were homeless the previous night, the survey will provide critical data on local homeless populations at a single “point in time.” The count will include homeless persons who spent the night in facilities such as the Poverello House as well as those who were unsheltered. A variety of agencies, non-profits and homeless advocates are assisting with the survey.

In addition to obtaining a visual count during the morning hours, surveyors will spend the afternoon conducting interviews to identify factors leading to their homelessness and documenting services they may require.

“This information helps us better inform the federal government on the number of people in our county who need shelter and other services,” said Doreen Eley, Chair of the Fresno/ Madera Continuum of Care. Eley is the coordinator of the Point in Time Street Count.

The data will be used to further the implementation of the City and County of Fresno Ten Year Plan to End Chronic Homelessness. In addition, survey results will be used in applications by individual communities for federal and state funding resources to address homeless and poverty.

The Point in Time Street Count is mandated by the U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) department and must be conducted in communities across the nation every other year using specific federal guidelines.

CONTACT: Doreen Eley, Chair – Fresno/Madera Continuum of Care (559) 907-0255

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