City Offers Assistance to Northwest Residents Affected by Contamination of Private Water System
The state Department of Public Health (CDPH) issued a notice to Herndon Water Company today warning of possible contamination in its water system. The water company’s customers have been advised to boil water from the system before drinking or using it in food preparation.

The privately owned Herndon Water Company serves approximately 70 homes in Herndon Town in northwest Fresno, near Highway 99. The company was notified of the contamination problem after CDPH tests identified coliform in the water supply. Coliform is an indicator used to identify the presence of bacteria. Although Herndon Town is within Fresno city limits, the Herndon Water Company operates separately from the City of Fresno water system. The City of Fresno water system is not affected by the contamination.

The City’s Public Utilities Department has offered to assist the Herndon Water Company with addressing the contamination issue. The Herndon Water Company has supplied water to the small community for over 60 years.

To ensure the residents of Herndon Town have access to a supply of safe water during the notification period, the City of Fresno is coordinating the delivery of bottled water to the community this morning.

Mayor Ashley Swearengin said the City is stepping in because the water company provides service to City residents. “Our first concern is the health and safety of our residents in Herndon Town,” she said. “We are working with Herndon Water Company to help resolve their contamination issue as quickly as possible.”

City Council member Andreas Borgeas, who represents the Herndon Town community, echoed the sentiment. “I am pleased the City has been able to respond so quickly to the needs of our residents and will continue to assist Herndon Water Company and state officials to ensure the community has access to safe potable water,” he said.