City Allocated Grant Funds for Herndon Town Water Project

Today, the City of Fresno was notified by the California Department of Public Health that a request for funds to modernize water infrastructure in the Herndon Town community has been approved. The City has been awarded a grant for $825,000 for Herndon Town work, which will provide clean and safe drinking water for residents of the small Northwest Fresno community

Herndon Town, which was annexed into the City of Fresno in 1988, is served by a small, privately owned water company. Its pre-World War II water system is inadequate and unable to consistently provide reasonable water pressure to approximately eighty households in the community. Earlier this year, Herndon Town residents received a “Notice to Boil” their water from the State of California as a result of the detection of contaminants in the water supply. In addition to concerns about the condition and reliability of old and deteriorating pipes, the sole fire hydrant serving the Herndon Town community continuously suffers from a lack of sufficient water pressure.

In a letter received today, the City’s Department of Public Utilities (DPU) was advised of the steps required to finalize the funding, which is being provided through an allocation to the State of California from the federal government’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA). The steps include approval of an authorizing resolution by the Fresno City Council no later than August 27th.

Mayor Ashley Swearengin praised the efforts of DPU in securing this critical infrastructure grant to provide improved services to one of the city’s most economically disadvantaged areas. “Our Public Utilities department rightfully takes pride in successfully providing life’s essential services to our community,” she said. “Now, with this grant, we will have the ability to address a longstanding need for improved water service, quality and reliability in the Herndon Town community.”

City Council member Andreas Borgeas, who represents the residents of Herndon Town, was also pleased by the announcement of the grant allocation. "The Herndon Town water project has been the top budget priority for my district and I am excited to see the hard work of our City staff in securing grant dollars to address long-term solutions for the residents of Herndon Town,” he said.