HUD Deputy Secretary Visits Lowell, Praises City’s Efforts

Mayor Ashley Swearengin today thanked U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Deputy Secretary Ron Sims for visiting Fresno to discuss ways to revitalize the City and region.

“I want to express my appreciation to Deputy Secretary Sims for taking the time to get a first-hand look at Fresno,” Mayor Swearengin said. “We were able to give him a clear picture of the challenges we’re facing, but we also made sure that he knows what we’re doing to address those challenges. I look forward to HUD being an active partner as we work to revitalize our neighborhoods.”

Deputy Secretary Sims, the number two official in the federal agency, praised the City’s efforts at an event at Lowell School in the city this morning and pledged to work with the city and the region. Mayor Swearengin has focused significant City resources on the Lowell neighborhood as part of her administration’s efforts to rebuild the City of Fresno’s urban core.

“Fresno is not a community of complaint,” Deputy Secretary Sims said. “It is a community that has embraced sustainability and livability and is moving forward. That’s what I heard in my visit. HUD has been a partner, and we will continue to be a partner in those efforts.”

Mayor Swearengin and city, county and regional officials participated in a series of meetings today with Deputy Secretary Sims. Sims was briefed on Fresno’s role in the Valley and on the Valley’s Sustainability strategy, and he also visited a local Hope VI public housing development.