Mayor Swearengin Releases 100-Day Progress Report

Mayor Ashley Swearengin today released a report outlining her administration’s accomplishments in the first 100 days in office.

Mayor Swearengin said the actions taken in the first 100 days have laid a solid foundation for the challenging work that lies ahead in the coming years for the City.

“There is no question that these are difficult times. The unprecedented economic conditions have resulted in unprecedented challenges for the City of Fresno,” Mayor Swearengin said. “Still, despite those challenges, we’ve been able to make significant progress on a number of fronts over the first 100 days.”

Mayor Swearengin’s 100-Day progress report to the people of Fresno outlines achievements in five broad policy areas:

  • Jobs and Economic Vitality
  • Downtown and Neighborhood Revitalization
  • Public Safety
  • Effective and Responsive Government
  • Advocacy

Some of the highlights of the report include:

  • Passage by City Council of the Mayor’s proposal to create the Office of Independent Review to provide City policymakers and the public with an objective, third-party analysis of internal affairs investigations conducted by the Fresno Police Department.
  • Approval of an ordinance to provide local small businesses with additional contract opportunities related to city purchasing.
  • Completion of an update of the city’s 2002 “Meeting the Challenge” efficiency analysis to take a fresh look at how Fresno compares to its peer cities in California in providing services.
  • Implementation of a local economic stimulus package that will preserve and create jobs in the residential construction industry.
  • Conducting a community summit to provide a comprehensive overview of current and downtown improvement projects. The event marked the start of the City’s new strategic process of focusing on continuous and incremental improvements to the downtown area.
  • Taking a number of steps to make City Hall more open and accessible, including the creation of a Community Advisory Panel, the launch of the Open Door Day program to give citizens a chance to meet directly with the Mayor, and an ambitious effort to appoint members to a wide range of boards and commissions.
  • Beginning a concentrated effort by all City departments to focus on transforming the Lowell neighborhood into a health, mixed-income neighborhood. The Lowell initiative will serve as a model for future efforts to address revitalization of other neighborhoods.

A copy of the complete report is available on the City’s Web site at

Contact: Michael Lukens, Press Secretary 559-907-1144