Mayor Swearengin, Police Officials Announce Tentative Agreement

Joined by city officials and representatives of the Fresno Police Officers Association (FPOA), Mayor Ashley Swearengin and Police Chief Jerry Dyer today announced a tentative agreement between the City and FPOA that will preserve front-line police resources and continue to protect public safety.

As part of the tentative agreement, FPOA members will forego the scheduled 2 percent salary increases in the 2009-2010 fiscal year to help the City address its budget challenges. In addition, FPOA also agreed to freeze holiday time pay downs.

As a result of the actions, the City would be able to save sworn officer positions that were at risk because of economic conditions.

“I believe that this is a fair agreement – one that, even in these difficult economic times, allows us to preserve our front-line police services and protect public safety,” Mayor Swearengin said. “If ratified by the FPOA membership, this agreement will help us meet our immediate budget challenges while at the same time providing stability for FPOA to address its longer-term concerns.”

Under the agreement, FPOA’s contract, which had been scheduled to expire at the end of the 2009-2010 fiscal year, would be extended by two years.

The agreement still needs to be ratified by FPOA membership and approved by Fresno City Council.

Chief Dyer praised the work of the FPOA, saying, "The willingness on the part of our officers and the FPOA to sacrifice in these difficult fiscal times is another example of their commitment and dedication to the citizens of Fresno. I am extremely proud to be the police chief in an organization filled with selfless individuals."


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