Independent Police Auditor Gets Nod of Approval From Long-Time Opponent

Former City Council member Jerry Duncan, who previously opposed the establishment of an Independent Police Auditor in Fresno, has come out in favor of the proposal being put forward by Mayor Ashley Swearengin and Police Chief Jerry Dyer.

Duncan, who opposed an IPA during two terms on the City Council, said the current proposal “provides solutions to the specific concerns that I have.” Specifically, Duncan said the proposal “draws a very clear line to ensure our police officers do not feel they have someone looking over their shoulder.”

In a letter to Mayor Swearengin and the City Council, Duncan said, “I have always been a very strong supporter of our public safety departments and I would never support anything that I feel would provide any distraction to our police officers in their ability to do their job. I feel very strongly that this proposal would not result in any interference of an officer doing their duty and protecting our citizens.”

Ultimately, Duncan said the current proposal will lead to better policing in Fresno. “I believe this position will assist our Police Department in their continual improvement process and will actually help them in making their job safer and more effective,” he said.

“Jerry Duncan’s endorsement reflects the balanced approach we’ve taken in developing this IPA proposal,” Mayor Swearengin said. “Ensuring transparency within our police department while supporting the needs of our officers has been our primary objective. “