Small Business Development Day Offers Help to Entrepreneurs

City of Fresno Event Shows Local Businesses How to Outsell, Outlast, and Survive in Today’s Challenging Economy

Small businesses across the country are struggling in today’s rocky economy. While some will fail, others will ultimately emerge as survivors. Coming out on top requires quick thinking, strong alliances, and the ability to prevail in challenging conditions.

To help entrepreneurs emerge from these turbulent times as winners, the City of Fresno is sponsoring Small Business Development Day on March 5th at the Fresno Exhibit Hall. Attendees will hear from business experts, attend workshops, and have access to resources and information they need to outlast, outsell, and survive in uncertain times.

“Local business growth is key to a strong economy in Fresno,” said Craig Scharton, Director of Downtown and Community Revitalization for the City. “This event gives local business owners the tools and support they need to succeed. Small Business Development Day is just one of the many ways the City of Fresno is supporting our local business community in today’s challenging economy.”

This free event is built around five themes: Starting a New Business, Management and Marketing, Finance and Capital, Doing Business with Government, and Specialty Trades. Information will be provided on new avenues for small businesses financing, contracting opportunities and project funding avenues. The event will also include workshops on doing business with government agencies, the use of available tax credits, and other financial incentives.

Information on opportunities resulting from recently passed economic stimulus legislation will also be provided.

Event sponsors include the City of Fresno Downtown & Community Revitalization Department, Valley Small Business Development Center, Fresno Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, CalTrans, Asian Business Institute and Resource Center, Small Business Administration, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Small Business Development Center, and the Fresno County Library.

This event is open to any local business owner at no cost. For information or registration, visit, or call Fernando Santillan at (559) 621-8354.

CONTACT: Randall Reed, Communications Office, (559) 621-7777 Downtown and Community Revitalization Department (559) 621-8350

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