Mayor Swearengin Introduces Community Advisory Panel

Mayor Ashley Swearengin today announced that the first meeting of the Mayor’s Community Advisory Panel will be held in Room 4017 of Fresno City Hall on Friday, March 6, from 3 to 5 p.m.

“The Community Advisory Panel is an important component of my commitment to making City Hall as open and accessible to citizen input as possible,” Mayor Swearengin said. “It’s important for the city to have a strong system in place to strengthen communication between the city and the public we serve.”

The Community Advisory Panel is designed to enhance citizen participation in civic affairs through the development of programs such as the Fresno Citizens Academy and
regular Mayor’s Town Hall meetings.

Mayor Swearengin said the panel will provide direct and sustained communications between citizens and the Mayor’s Office. It also will offer structured feedback on community perceptions regarding policies, programs and initiatives.

In addition, the panel will work to increase citizen participation in City boards and commissions, public meetings and other civic activities.

The initial panel consists of 40 members appointed by Mayor Swearengin. The panel members have been selected to reflect the diversity of the overall community overall,
and members have been asked to make a commitment to serve for at least one-year.

Contact: Michael Lukens, Press Secretary – 559-907-1144