Joint Youth Symposium Will Motivate Fresno’s Future Leaders

The Parks, After School, Recreation & Community Services Department (PARCS) together with the Fresno Unified School District would like to invite the media to attend Fresno’s Inaugural Youth Leadership Symposium on Saturday, April 12, 2008 from 9am to Noon in the Council Chambers at City Hall. The first time event will bring together 130 aspiring youth leaders from Fresno’s 11 high schools and 7 of the middle schools to give them an opportunity to meet and be mentored by city leaders with a means of positively supporting and inspiring them to become future agents of change in their schools and community.

The opening session will feature brief presentations by several of Fresno’s Mayoral candidates, acquainting students with their distinct political platforms. The core presentations will focus on leadership, Teen Fresno, the core elements of success and the value of ‘youth voice’ as well as a workshop on motivation and peer mentoring. The program’s inspirational addresses will be given by Council Member Henry T. Perea and Deputy Mayor Jeff Eben, and will introduce the students to the dynamic world of appointed and elected officials.

The 7th to 11th grade students were chosen by FUSD school administrators because of their natural leadership ability, their potential and their participation in certain school achievements.

The participants are also members of the PARCS Business Education Service Training (BEST) and Jr. BEST Programs. These no-cost programs provide students with motivation, training and experience to guide them to higher education, employment and positive life choices. The symposium was initiated to encourage youth to take active roles as community leaders and social entrepreneurs. With these skills, they can build strong community ties, guiding them to make positive life choices and enrich the Fresno community by forging future leadership roles.

Additional information is available by contacting Ozzie Naranjo, Event Coordinator at 860-9506.