Water Awareness Month Celebrated With Planting Of Drought Resistant Trees at Gettysburg Park

To recognize Water Awareness Month, the City of Fresno Water Division collaborated with the City of Clovis, Tree Fresno, and the Central Valley Water Awareness Committee to host a tree planting ceremony today with dozens of Gettysburg Elementary students at Gettysburg Park in Clovis.

About 17 years ago, 60 trees were planted at Gettysburg Park to commemorate Harry Armstrong’s 60th birthday. Most have grown into beautiful shade trees enjoyed by generations of children and adults. The six water-efficient Elm trees planted today will help to replenish the park.

Local dignitaries, including Clovis Mayor Pro Tem Harry Armstrong and participating Central Valley Water Awareness Committee representatives helped the students plant six heat and drought resistant Accolade Elm trees at the park. These trees thrive in the Valley heat while requiring only a minimum amount of water. This event provided students lessons in both water conservation and environmental protection.

Each year, The City of Fresno Water Division partners with organizations to continue its tradition of planting water-efficient trees in the region to educate the community about water conservation.

For more information about water conservation, visit the City of Fresno Water Division Web site at fresnowater.org or call the Conservation offices at (559) 621-5480.

For addition detail on the dedication, contact Nora Laikam at (559) 621-5305.