Mayor Autry Seeks Stronger Economic Stimulus Package

Saying that the City Council’s actions of did not go far enough in stimulating our local building economy, Fresno Mayor Alan Autry has announced he is vetoing two City Council resolutions, one which offered exemptions for some subdivisions from new or increased impact fees, and the other which would freeze all impact fees at their current level for two full years.

Mayor Autry stated that he has met with building industry representatives to discuss these matters, and stated that while he is in complete agreement with the goal of providing an economic stimulus that will immediately put people back to work, the actions taken by the City Council fall short of reaching this goal. Additionally, there has been no fiscal analysis of the short and long-term costs of these resolutions to the taxpaying people of Fresno.

As a part of his veto, Mayor Autry has instructed his staff to begin working with Mayorelect Swearengin, members of the City Council, the BIA and other stakeholders to return in 45 days with a comprehensive economic stimulus plan that puts people to work now. In addition, Mayor Autry has instructed his staff to propose no increases or changes to any City development fees until after this stimulus package has been presented to the City Council.

In the veto message, Mayor Autry stated “In the last 8 years our city has moved further and faster than any other time in its history. This was accomplished by prudent and diligent decision making that has served us well. This process is no different. These 45 days of due diligence will allow us to return with a more comprehensive and effective stimulus package that will continue to move our city forward and protect the taxpayer dollar.”

CONTACT: John Wallace, Public Affairs Manager (559) 621-7777

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