Fresno Mayor Alan Autry Opposes Proposition 98 on California’s June 2008 Ballot
Mayor Concerned about Measure’s Negative Impacts on Water Development, Agricultural Industry and Local Land-Use Planning

Fresno Mayor Alan Autry today announced that he opposes Proposition 98 on California’s June ballot. Yesterday, the Fresno City Council voted unanimously to oppose the same constitutional amendment initiative.

Mayor Autry issued the following statement:

“Proposition 98 goes far beyond responsible eminent domain reform and contains poorly-drafted provisions that will negatively impact our region’s water supply, our agricultural industry, and on our ability as a city to promote responsible land-use planning.

“I have reviewed analyses by organizations I respect like the Western Growers Association and the Association of California Water Agencies and am seriously concerned that Proposition 98 would throw up significant roadblocks that hinder water infrastructure projects we need to sustain our region and our economy. Everyone knows that we’re facing a water crisis of significant proportions. Prop. 98 would exacerbate that crisis and that’s simply unacceptable.

“I’m also concerned that provisions in Prop. 98 would undermine the authority of city officials to make land-use and planning decisions that allow our economy to grow, while protecting the quality of life for our residents.

“I’m left with no choice but join Governors Pete Wilson and Arnold Schwarzenegger as well as our local Congressman George Radanovich and the Nisei Farmers League in opposing Proposition 98 because it’s too risky. Passage of Proposition 98 would be a disaster for our region.”