Local Koi Enthusiasts Make Donation To Woodward Park’s Shinzen Japanese Garden

The City of Fresno Department of Parks, After School,Recreation and Community Services (PARCS) is pleased to inform the community that Fresno’s Shinzen Japanese Garden at Woodward Park is once again bursting with the vibrant colors of Koi thanks to the generosity of Paul Evert and local Koi enthusiasts.

A recent donation has increased the number of Koi by 53 fish, just in time for the busy spring and summer months when the park experiences an increased number of visitors who appreciate the beauty that the Shinzen Japanese Garden affords.

The donation of Koi was made from a private ranch of local Koi enthusiast Paul Evert. In an effort to assure the health of the new Koi before being added to the pond, several members of the Central California Koi Society donated their time to City PARCS Crews to help screen and quarantine all 53 fish to give them a good bill of health. Once the screening was completed, the fish were transferred into the pond at Woodward’s Shinzen Japanese Garden where they will remain. All of the fish are full grown and have instantly added color and activity to the Shinzen environment. “Our park patrons enjoy the fish and the pond benefits from their contribution to the natural habitat,” said PARCS Director Randy Cooper. “We’re thankful for Mr. Evert’s generosity to this unique destination in Fresno.”

The Shinzen Japanese Garden is located inside Fresno’s Woodward Park. Hours of operation through the end of April are on weekends from 10:00am until dusk and admission to the park is as follows: $3.00 for Adults 15 years and older; .50 cents for children 4-14 and seniors 62 years and older & those 4 years and under can enter for free.

For more information on the garden or other activities at Fresno’s Woodward Park, contact Heather Heinks at 559-621-2930.

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