Kelly Trevino Elected to California Association of Enterprise Zones Board of Directors

Kelly Trevino, Incentive Zone Manager for the City of Fresno Economic Development Department, was recently elected to the California Association of Enterprise Zones (CAEZ) Board of Directors. As the only non-incumbent elected to the Board, Kelly brings a fresh perspective reinforced by over seven years of economic development and local government experience and over five years of experience with the Enterprise Zone program.

The CAEZ is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization formed in 1990. Served by an elevenmember Board of Directors, each with Enterprise Zone and economic development experience, the mission of CAEZ is to:

  • Advance the art and science of implementing economic development in Enterprise Zones;
  • Initiate and prepare legislative action designed to enhance or preserve Enterprise Zones;
  • Develop specific written positions on state and federal legislation and administrative policy that impacts economic development within Enterprise Zones;
  • Foster the interchange of ideas and educational experiences in the field of Enterprise Zones; and
  • Enhance the career growth of professionals employed in the field of economic development in Enterprise Zones.

California's Enterprise Zone program was established in 1984 to stimulate business investment in depressed areas of the State and create job opportunities for Californians. Today, businesses and workers both continue to benefit from the program.

Current legislation allows for 42 Enterprise Zones. California communities received these designations from the State of California through a competitive process. While Zones have similar goals for improving the economic vitality of their communities, each is unique in the local incentives and special assistance they provide to the businesses located within the zone boundaries.

The City of Fresno was awarded its first Enterprise Zone designation in 1986. This original zone, which expired in 2006, included approximately 5,000 businesses addresses and was located primarily in downtown Fresno branching out into parts of southeast and southwest Fresno and the Fresno Yosemite International Airport.

In 2006, the City won a new, larger, Enterprise Zone designation which includes approximately 15,000 business addresses spanning throughout the City including downtown Fresno, parts of southwest and southeast Fresno, Fresno Yosemite International Airport, the 99 corridor area, Blackstone, Riverpark, Fashion Fair Mall, west Shaw, and parts of Herndon.

For more information on the City of Fresno Enterprise Zone, please contact the Economic Development Department at (559) 621-8350.

CONTACT: John Wallace, Public Affairs Office (559) 621-7777
Economic Development Department (559) 621-8350

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