Historic Building To Be Demolished Former Consumer’s Ice Company Building, 702 P Street

The City of Fresno has approved the demolition permit for a portion of the former Fresno Consumer’s Ice Company Building, located at 702 P Street, citing imminent threat to public health and safety. The structure is part of the Warehouse Row complex and is on the National Register of Historic Places as well as Fresno’s Local Register of Historic Resources.

The original core of the “Ice House” was constructed between 1898 and 1906 and is identified on the 1906 Sanborn Fire Insurance Company map. Over the next 40 years numerous additions and alterations were made so that the building today is several structures cobbled together but not structurally integrated. The building has stood vacant for the last 40 years and water damage has eroded the truss systems leading to the collapse of both trusses and roofing in several places. In addition, exterior brick walls are freestanding without attachment to either the roofs or walls and the brick itself is deteriorating. Although the exterior of the building has historic character and appeal, it is somewhat akin to a Western movie set, with the props missing or decayed.

Following consultations with various building and engineering experts, Nick Yovino, Director of Planning and Development, authorized the demolition of the Ice House under the City’s Historic Preservation Ordinance (Section 12-1617) in order “to protect public health, safety or general welfare.”

For more information please call Karana Hattersley-Drayton, Historic Preservation Project Manager at 621-8520.