Mayor Autry Supports Governor’s Proposed Standardized Algebra I Testing
Mayor Alan Autry staunchly supports equal access to a quality education regardless of race, religion, age, or socio-economic status. The single standardized Algebra I testing proposed by Governor Schwarzenegger promotes and assures that all students in California have an equal opportunity to reach their full potential. Holding schools accountable ensures that each student is held to the highest standard necessary to compete in today’s tough global economy.

“As a longtime high school educator, I am pleased to support the Governor and his efforts to increase the accountability in Algebra I. To successfully graduate from high school with every opportunity available, it is critical that students have completed Algebra I before their freshman year. By setting the bar high and increasing the accountability, we can expect student achievement to increase. I urge the State Board of Education to support the single standardized Algebra I test as recommended by Governor Schwarzenegger,” stated Deputy Mayor Jeff Eben.

The children in California deserve no less than the best. The removal of a two tier testing system confirms our belief that every child is both capable and worthy of exceeding even their own expectations. This proposal will encourage our children to rise to the challenge.