Valley Support Voiced For Governor’s Water Plan

Elected officials and business and civic leaders from around the San Joaquin Valley today voiced broad support for Governor Schwarzenegger’s Comprehensive Water Plan.

The show of support coincided with a meeting hosted by the Fresno Chamber of Commerce attended by more than 30 other mayors, county supervisors, California senate and state assembly members, city council members, chamber of commerce leaders, farm bureau representatives, business leaders, water representatives, labor and agriculture/farmers. Those attending the meeting as well as several who were not in attendance but are very supportive of the Governor’s plan made it clear that the water storage and conveyance - which would also benefit the environment, flood management, and water quality and conservation - is vitally needed throughout the San Joaquin Valley and all of California.

“With California’s cities and counties looking to continue to grow rapidly, there is no way that the state and this valley are going to have the water they need unless we step up and provide necessary facilities, just as our forefathers did for us decades ago,” said Fresno Mayor Alan Autry.

“This is the moment and we must seize it and make things happen or future generations are going to pay for what we did not accomplish,” Autry said.