Fresno Mayor Alan Autry And Other Valley Elected Officials Show Support For Governor’s Water Infrastructure Upgrades Bond Proposal In Sacramento

Fresno Mayor Alan Autry will be joined by Orange Cove Mayor Victor Lopez and Parlier Mayor Armando Lopez, as well as other elected officials and prominent California organizations in Sacramento to show their strong support for Senate Bill 59 (SB 59) which includes Governor Schwarzenegger's Water Infrastructure Upgrades Bond Proposal.

Mayor Autry, who represents the sixth largest city in California, will be the key speaker at a press conference at 10:00 a.m. on the east steps of the Capitol following the State Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee hearing regarding SB 59. The hearing is scheduled to discuss the merits of the bill and recommend next steps in the legislative process.

"For the long-term benefit of the state we cannot put off any longer what we need to do," said Mayor Autry. "The Governor's Proposal will give the Central Valley and California an opportunity to meet future water demands, reduce the threat of flooding and safeguard our already fragile economy."

The proposed bill authorized by State Senator Dave Cogdill (R-Modesto) supports water enhancements across the state and construction of major new surface storage facilities including Temperance Flat, about 22 miles east of the City of Fresno in Fresno County.

This bill calls for $2 billion in general obligation bonds for the construction of Temperance Flat which would be more than double the size (1.3 million acre feet) of nearby Millerton Lake (520,000 acre feet) which supplies 40% of the City of Fresno's water demands.

SB 59 also provides for $500 million in grants and expenditures for the planning, design, and construction of locally managed conjunctive use and groundwater storage projects and $200 million in funds for competitive grants for agricultural and urban water use efficiency projects. There also is $250 million for resource stewardship and ecosystem restoration including funds that would support the San Joaquin River Restoration.

This is a major part of a comprehensive package of $6 billion in water bonds sought by a bipartisan group of legislators and Governor Schwarzenegger aimed at developing new ground storage and surface storage sites throughout California.

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