City of Fresno To Remove Traffic Signal on West Avenue just South of Herndon Avenue

The traffic signal on West Avenue just South of Herndon Avenue (near Jack’s Car Wash) will be removed Friday and Saturday, March 16th & 17th, 2007.

In response to concerns about traffic congestion, signal spacing, and delays associated with the signal from residents, motorists and property owners, City staff evaluated the signal and determined based on traffic volumes that the signal is not warranted.

Public Works Traffic Engineering staff studied the intersection in the Summer of 2006 to evaluate if it met warrants for Left-turn Signal Phasing. Staff found that the intersection indeed did not meet warrants as outlined in the 2003 Manual for Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). The City of Fresno is required to be in compliance with the MUTCD as directed by the U.S. Secretary of Transportation. The protocol for removing a traffic control signal is also outlined in the MUTCD. The MUTCD clearly states.

If the engineering study indicates that the traffic control signal is no longer justified, removal may be accomplished using the following steps:

A. Determine the appropriate traffic control to be used after removal of the signal. (City Staff: There will be a stop sign added to the driveway that serves Jack’s Car Wash after the removal for appropriate traffic control.)

B. Remove any sight-distance restrictions as necessary. (City Staff: No sight distance issues exist.)

C. Inform the public of the removal study, for example by installing an informational sign with the legend TRAFFIC SIGNAL UNDER STUDY FOR REMOVAL at the signalized location in a position where it is visible to all road users. (City Staff: This sign was installed on August 31,2006. The City has received 3 calls from the thousands of drivers that go through this intersection daily.)

D. Flash or cover the signal heads for a minimum of 90 days, and install the appropriate stop control of other traffic control devices. (City Staff: The leftturn signal was changed to a green ball rather than a green arrow and the entire intersection was green during the study. City staff is not aware of any accident as a result of the study.)

E. Remove the signal if the engineering data collected during the removal study period confirms that the signal is no longer needed. (City Staff: Public Works Signal Maintenance Electricians and Concrete Repair crews will be removing the signal and repairing the sidewalks on Friday, March 16, 2007. The work should be complete by Saturday, March 17, 2007.)

Public Works Department has following the protocol outlined above and as a result the signal will now be removed. This has been a joint effort between Public Works staff (Traffic Engineering, Signal Electricians, and Concrete Repair) along with cooperation from the property owners in the vicinity of the project.

City of Fresno Traffic Engineering Manager, Bryan Jones states, “Removing this signal will alleviate congestion and delays for motorists on West Avenue associated with this signal and its spacing with Herndon Avenue. The 90 day study performed by staff that started at the end of August has shown that this signal is not necessary. The City of Fresno appreciates the cooperation of all the property owners in the area.”

There should be minimal delays associated with the removal of the traffic signal, however City crews will be working in the street so please slow down and drive cautiously while in the construction zone.

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