The City of Fresno is pleased to announce a new innovative program that will promote the use of solar energy systems in Fresno. The Solar Energy System Rebate and Loan Program will provide a much needed incentive to jump start the private use of solar panels and solar water heaters for qualified Fresno families. The program is not only intended to reduce electricity costs to homeowners, but will also encourage the use of renewable energy sources and reduce Fresno’s reliance on non-renewable fossil fuels that harm our air quality.

The rebate will provide the lesser of $2,000 or 10% of system price to any eligible Fresno resident who finished installation of their solar panels or solar water heater on October 31, 2007 or after. The loan will provide the lesser of $15,000 or 75% of system price to qualified low and moderate income families who wish to install a solar energy system on their home. The loan will be zero interest and payable over 15 years.

Fore more information or to apply for the Solar Energy System Rebate and Loan Program please contact the City of Fresno’s Housing and Community Development Division at (559) 621-8300, or access the Program’s website at for more information.

CONTACT: Rhonda Jorn, Public Affairs Manager (559) 621-7777 Patti Miller, Public Affairs Administrator 621-7795

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