City Partners for Repair of Rail Crossings

The City of Fresno Public Works Department received authorization from City Council this week to move forward with a cooperative agreement with the San Joaquin Valley Railroad for the repair of sixteen railroad crossings.

This agreement identifies sixteen locations where the City of Fresno and San Joaquin Valley Railroad will work together to repair rough crossings. The City is prohibited from working within the track area so the crossing repairs must be done by the operating railroad San Joaquin Valley Railroad.

The crossings have not been maintained or repaired for many years and have been the subject of numerous complaints from the public. The crossings not only represent a nuisance to drivers, but have become a public safety issue as well.

The City’s obligation is to provide a smooth pavement transition to the track area and San Joaquin Valley Railroad will repair the track areas. With this agreement the City will be working with San Joaquin Valley Railroad to complete one per month over 3 fiscal years beginning this month and ending in October 2008.

In order to minimize the driving inconvenience all work is scheduled to begin on Mondays and be completed by the following Friday. A list of the sixteen crossings being addressed is attached (Exhibit ‘A’).

For more information on this agreement between the City and San Joaquin Valley Railroad contact Shelley Morrison in the Public Works Department at 621-8650.

CONTACT: Rhonda Jorn, Public Affairs Manager (559) 621-7777 Patti Miller, Public Affairs Administrator 621-7795

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The repairs pursuant to this Agreement shall be completed in accordance with the following schedule:

1. Peach Avenue Crossing* – March, 2007;
2. Maple Avenue Crossing* – April, 2007;
3. Clovis Avenue Crossing* – May, 2007;
4. Willow Avenue Crossing* – June, 2007;
5. Cedar Avenue Crossing* – July, 2007;
6. Chestnut Avenue Crossing* – August, 2007;
7. Fowler Avenue Crossing* – September, 2007;
8. Hughes Avenue Crossing – October, 2007;
9. Pacific Avenue Crossing – March, 2008;
10. Cherry Avenue Crossing – April, 2008;
11. Van Ness Avenue Crossing – May, 2008;
12. "L" Street Crossing – June, 2008;
13. Los Angeles Street Crossing – July, 2008;
14. Monterey Street Crossing – August, 2008;
15. "M" Street Crossing – September, 2008;
16. Butler Avenue Crossing – October, 2008;

*Locations #1-7 are on the San Joaquin Valley Railroad line south of Butler Avenue